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Welcome to The Open Top Bus Site. Our aim is to publish information on open top buses all over the world, including fully open top buses, partly covered open tops and convertible open tops, whether they be current passenger-carrying buses in regular public service, such as sightseeing tours, regular bus services, sea front services, special events and private hire companies, buses used for promotional purposes, privately owned buses, museum exhibits, non-bus use, or buses now scrapped or no longer in existence. Please click on any of the areas below to use the website.

About This Website  Buses scrapped/no longer with us
What do we do here, why
we do it, and what you
can hope to find.  Also, a
list of all data updates so
that you can find out
quickly if anything has
changed since your last
visit here.
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There are buses in our
database that we donít
have current details for,
that could still exist or
have been scrapped,
that we need to confirm
the status of. These
buses do not appear on
any of our other lists, so
if you're looking for a
particular bus, it could
be here.
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